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[Press Release] Todd Owen, Former CBP Executive Assistant Commissioner, Appointed Board Advisor to

In his new role, Mr. Owen will provide strategic guidance and counsel to as the company continues to expand its suite of AI-powered tools for cross-border trade.

During his tenure at CBP, Mr. Owen was responsible for overseeing a wide range of initiatives aimed at facilitating and securing trade between the United States and its international partners. He brings a wealth of expertise in cross-border trade, customs regulations, and supply chain management to his new role at

[Webinar] Are Human HS Classifiers a Thing of the Past?

The AI Revolution is coming to HS Classification! Classifiers will not be replaced by AI, but they will be replaced by humans using AI.

[Podcast] “Hey computer, classify my parts…” Using AI to Help Streamline Your Classification Process

Listen to the insightful conversation with Shannon Hynds and Joe Morales as they share their expertise on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in streamlining the tariff classification process.