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[Press Release] Wins Second Place In 8th Annual Veteran Startup Showcase

June 7, 2024 (AI / Government & Commercial Tech) based in Mclean, Virginia, took second place and a cash grant to advance their work on improving trade compliance with large language models and generative artificial intelligence. “This award will help us introduce Quickcode to more manufacturing firms who want to save money and avoid costly fines on their imported goods.” – Shannon Hynds, CEO of

Judge’s Take: “There is a tremendous opportunity to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help secure our economic borders by ensuring regulatory and trade compliance.” – Jennifer Simpson

[Quickcode News] PS27 Ventures Announces Investment in

May 7, 2024

QuickCode AI aims to streamline regulations, compliance tariffs and taxes related to imports; which is what attracted to PS27 CEO and Founder Jim Stallings to the company.

“Keeping up with regulations is almost a full-time job and keeping up with contracting the parts is a full-time job,” Stallings said. “And unfortunately, in many cases, this is a manual process for companies. So what QuickCode does is say ‘look, we’ll do the searching and assembling. As well as the tracking and registration.'”

[Press Release] and Cubic announce integration partnership, supplying Cubic’s customers with best-in-class HS classification

April 18, 2024

This strategic collaboration provides Cubic’s clientele with seamless access to Quickcode’s cutting-edge technology directly within the Cubic platform.

Oran Sever, CEO of Cubic, is enthusiastic about the integration, stating, “Cubic specializes in simplifying the overseas logistics for eCommerce retailers. With Quickcode on board, we’ve lightened the load when it comes to hunting down HS codes.”

[Press Release] Know Your GoodsTM And Quickcode Announce Integration Partnership Highlighting Seamless HS Classification Solutions

March 17, 2024

This collaboration combines KYG’s AI-assisted product genome data gathering intelligence, with Quickcode’s intuitive HS classification technology, providing importers, exporters, trade
law firms and consultants with cost-savings, reduced risk of penalties and more efficient compliance operations.

Quickcode will now be included along with other HS classification automation “oracles” in the Know Your Goods Marketplace. This integration illustrates KYG Trade’s commitment to making many systems work as one which saves time, reduces errors and speeds up tasks.

[Press Release] Amanda Peaker, LCB, Appointed as Board Advisor to

Ms. Peaker is a Licensed Customs Broker who brings two decades of trade compliance experience. She started her career at Expeditors and is currently Vice President at Gallagher Transport International, a logistics firm specializing in US Customs and Freight Forwarding.

Her expertise will be invaluable as we continue to move the product forward with new features and functionality.

[Press Release] Bo Evans, LCB Appointed Vice President, Sales at

Bo brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the customs and trade industry, making him a valuable addition to the Quickcode team.

As Vice President of Sales, Bo will play a pivotal role in leading marketing and sales efforts. He will collaborate closely with the product and engineering teams to enhance Quickcode’s AI-based trade compliance solution, ensuring it remains best-in-class and aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of importers and manufacturers.

[Blog Post] Challenges of Automatic Classification

June 5, 2023 by Todd Owen, Former CBP Executive Assistant Commissioner

Discover the operational hurdles and benefits of AI-driven automatic classification tools, and explore how they can enhance import documentation processes while demonstrating “reasonable care.” Delve into the intriguing world of AI’s collaboration with human judgment, gaining insights from CBP’s successful application of AI in cargo security. Read the full article to explore the roadmap towards more accurate, timely HTS classification decisions and avoid costly errors.

[Press Release] Todd Owen, Former CBP Executive Assistant Commissioner, Appointed Board Advisor to

In his new role, Mr. Owen will provide strategic guidance and counsel to as the company continues to expand its suite of AI-powered tools for cross-border trade.

During his tenure at CBP, Mr. Owen was responsible for overseeing a wide range of initiatives aimed at facilitating and securing trade between the United States and its international partners. He brings a wealth of expertise in cross-border trade, customs regulations, and supply chain management to his new role at

[Webinar] Are Human HS Classifiers a Thing of the Past?

May 4, 2023

The AI Revolution is coming to HS Classification! Classifiers will not be replaced by AI, but they will be replaced by humans using AI.

[Podcast] “Hey computer, classify my parts…” Using AI to Help Streamline Your Classification Process

April 13, 2023

Listen to the insightful conversation with Shannon Hynds and Joe Morales as they share their expertise on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in streamlining the tariff classification process.