Want to maintain Trade Compliance on your Product Catalog?

The Future of Trade Compliance is Augmented With AI


HS Classification and Compliance activities require specialized training, practice, and experience. Attempts to help improve the process via automation have been clunky and unsophisticated.


Recent advances in natural
language processing and AI
are catalyzing innovative,
human-in-the-loop automation methods and improving accuracy, efficiency, and repeatability.


Quickcode is building the next generation of Trade Compliance software tools to help experts identify HS codes and related data in a fraction of the time as compared to manual methods.

Go from Slow and Laborious to Quick and Accurate

Quickcode helps Trade Compliance Specialists find the right code, fast.

Powered using data from: 

World Customs Organization (WCO)
Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
United States International Trade Commission (USITC)

Tired of manual, outdated, and inaccurate  Compliance Data strategies?

Identifying the proper HS Code and related information shouldn’t be difficult and time-intensive. It should be clear and easy.

Quickcode is free to use forever, no credit card required

With Quickcode, You Will Experience

Quick and Accurate HS Classification

Up to Date Tariff Schedule Access

Modern, easy to use UI, with one click import and export of all your product data

Streamlined Compliance Workflow

Automatically Generated Paper Trail

Repeatable Results

AI Powered HS Code Lookup


Type what you know and our AI will help you clarify.


Pinpoint the correct code, leveraging CROSS rulings, WCO Notes, and More!


Knowing your product compliance data is saved and easily accessible any time you need it.

State-of-the-art Language Models

Quickcode uses advanced language models to parse and evaluate all user provided information. If additional details are needed in order to recommend a classification, Quickcode uses the same language models to request that information from the user.

Quickcode also identifies products that may require 301 Tariffs, ADD/CVD Tariffs, and Partner Government Agency (PGA) involvement.

Quickcode puts the full text of the HTSUS, WCO Explanatory Notes, CROSS Rulings, U.S. Free Trade Agreements, GRIs, and more at your fingertips.

Human-in-the-loop AI

Our human-in-the-loop AI software solution (patent pending!) for classification means that your expert is always in control of the final code assignment. We create a justification report that includes information gleaned from the HTSUS schedule, CROSS, General Rules of Interpretation, Chapter Notes, and more – flagging products that may require a Section 301 or Chapter 98 Exclusions.

Quickcode stores your product catalog information, making it easy to identify and classify similar items.

Elevate Your Trade Data Game



Need a purchase order? Contact Us



Need a purchase order? Contact Us


From $2,000/mo

Always Free

10 classifications/month, including searchable HTSUS and notes, and searchable CROSS rulings.

Free accounts are limited to 30 days of classification history, and cannot access WCO Explanatory Notes.

What makes your experience with Quickcode different?

We get it. Not every product that exists is in the Big Book of Tariffs. What’s more, the Tariff Schedule is everchanging, and what you might consider a metal chair should be classified as a dental chair.

Quickcode allows you to work on the correct and always up-to-date Tariff Schedule. Thanks to our state-of-the-art AI, you can identify the correct classification in seconds vs. minutes. We give the user all of the resources they need to classify, including CROSS rulings data, WCO Explanatory Notes, Chapter Notes, as well as the up-to-date schedule (formatted in a more intuitive and user-friendly way).

Quickcode allows you the opportunity to conduct business more efficiently. You’re the expert; we’re the guide. Let us guide you into a more systematic process that allows you to find accurate HS Codes in 60 seconds or less. Our expertise is employed with the intelligence community and our machine learning models are the most modern on the planet. Our software puts the important decisions in front of you, letting your expertise lead the identification process.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up – Start classifying at light speed with 10 free classifications
  2. Use it – Classify a product, Identify an HS Code, and see the value for yourself.
  3. Enjoy the Advantage – Deliver quick, accurate, repeatable, justifiable classification results.

Start classifying quick with accurate, repeatable,
justifiable classification results.

Contact us for a custom plan or with any Quickcode question!


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