Quickcode puts all tariff schedule resources at your fingertips


Speak HTS Code? Leverage AI automation to help you get to the right classification, quickly and accurately. Learn how Quickcode automates your classifications or read on to learn how Quickcode puts tariff resources at your fingertips!
In addition to the fastest classifying you’ve ever experienced, Quickcode offers all the resources you know and love, enriched with links.

The Schedule. But better

We all know the schedule and the associated legal notes are littered with cross-references to each other. Quickcode offers the full tariff schedule content (every version in fact, just in case you’re curious), except we’ve gone a little extra.  When viewing the schedule, notes, or rulings in Quickcode, you’ll see that any reference to tariff content is LINKIFIED! You’ve never navigated the schedule so quickly as with Quickcode.

Browsing the schedule, notes, and rulings are always free!

WCO Explanatory Notes

Yup, we’ve got them! Type in a product description, and let us highlight relevant snippets from the WCO and HTSUS Notes to help you justify your classification.

Or just browse the schedule and associated WCO Notes.

PGAs, before you file

Tired of discovering PGA hurdles at the last minute, when you’re filing your 7501?  With Quickcode, you can identify which PGAs may be in play as soon as you get your tariff!

China Tariffs, Special Provisions, Countervailing, Oh my!

Let our software take on the toil of looking up which additional tariffs may apply to your product; whether that’s Chapter 98, 99, or countervailing duties.  When you classify a product with Quickcode, we’ll pull all the applicable additional tariffs and put them at your finger tips.  You just need to decide which to worry about from there; no time wasted searching for resources.

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