A Case for AI (And Human Interaction) In Importing and Exporting

A Case for AI (And Human Interaction) In Importing and Exporting

Curious about the dynamic relationship between AI and human interaction for importing and exporting? Watch the video below as Todd Owen discusses the pivotal role of AI in optimizing port operations and the delicate balance between automation and human oversight. Discover how Quickcode leverages the dynamic blend of AI and human judgment to revolutionize the HS classification process.



Using AI for Important & Exporting

Importers and exporters can improve the HS Classification process and their overall operation using the dynamic blend of AI and human touch. Unlock the future of HS code selection, trade security and importing/exporting optimization with Quickcode. AI is a powerful tool within the HS Code selection process but human judgement still plays a key role. Quickcode’s approach echoes this synergy – harnessing AI’s prowess while retaining human decision-making. This methodology ensures the most effective outcomes. Embrace this proven path for smarter trade and security practices. 

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Video Transcript

So during my time as the Executive Assistant Commissioner for CBP’s Office of Field Operations, we began to explore the use of AI in how we performed many of our mission critical functions at the ports of entry. In our cargo security arena we began to apply AI driven, automatic threat detection to technology as we applied those to the cargo inspection x-ray systems that we deployed at the ports of entry. 

And what was critically important how we began those deployments of the AI was that we had to maintain the human interaction. The human judgment is absolutely critical to meeting the mission that we had. I believe this offers a model for the trade Community as well. The use of AI driven technology supplemented with human judgment, I believe is the proper, the most appropriate, most effective road map to follow. The CBP has begun to employ this in their cargo security mission space and I believe it’s just a matter of time before they follow that lead and deploy it with their trade enforcement work as well.


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