3 Tips for Improving Importing Efficiency

3 Tips for Improving Importing Efficiency - How to Optimize Your Importing Process
In our latest video, discover three essential tips for boosting your importing efficiency and navigating the challenges posed by the dynamic growth of international trade. 

Are you interested in improving your importing efficiency? You’re in the right place! We’ll guide you on leveraging available resources, engaging automation, and tapping into AI technology while maintaining the vital human connection and judgment. Are you ready to learn how to optimize your importing process?

Watch the video to gain practical tips and strategies to optimize your importing process, save time, and avoid potential financial challenges.

Video Transcript – 3 Tips for Improving Importing Efficiency

So, the growth in international trade clearly has challenged CBP over the last several years. The rapid spikes in e-commerce, almost 4 million parcels a day, now come into the country through e-parcels, really has challenged not only the government but the importers as well as to how to ensure the proper documentation, the proper tariff classifications are being provided to the government. There are resources available to help companies deal with these challenges of the volume. Adding greater efficiencies, automated tools that use human interaction, in my view, are preferable. There are no easy answers to classification. You need the proper training, the proper resources, experience in doing this. If there’s anyone who believes there is a quick, silver solution, you’ll be mistaken and again that could lead to financial issues for you down the road. So, my advice is to draw on the resources that are available out there, engage the automation, the AI technology that’s available, but most importantly maintain that human connection. The human judgment is critical as we go forward with these types of programs. 


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