Does Quickcode Generate Automatic Classifications?

Does Quickcode Generate Automatic Classifications?
While Quickcode does provide suggestions based on descriptions entered, it's ultimately the expert who confirms and approves the classification. Whether it's straightforward items like hockey sticks or more nuanced goods, Quickcode supports the expert's decision-making by presenting all the relevant information.

A common question our audience asks is, “Does Quickcode generate automatic HS classifications?” Great question! Through a semi-automated approach, Quickcode can become an invaluable tool that expedites the classification process while still putting the expert in the driver’s seat. 

Click the link below to discover why Quickcode is not about fully automated classifications, but rather empowering HS classification experts to perform their tasks faster and more efficiently.

Video Transcript

Joe, I think you might have answered this a little bit during the speech but “Does Quickcode generate automatic HS classifications?”

Yeah, great question. And the answer is, no. It does not do automatic HS classifications. What we do is, we really let an HS classification expert do the same process they’re already doing, only doing it faster. Will sometimes you put in a description and it’ll say hey this is the code I think it is? Absolutely, that happens a lot when something is very, very easy to classify and understandable. A great example is hockey sticks. You put hockey sticks into Quickcode, there’s no nuance there. It goes right to the classification, but still the expert is the one who has to say yes, that’s the classification. And Quickcode gives you all of the reasons why hockey sticks seem to be the right classification. It gives you the text of the schedule which is searchable, the explanatory notes, the WCO notes, the rulings, etc. But the answer, you know, the short answer to that question is, no. It is what I would call, say semi-automated classification. It’s a tool that helps an expert make the classification.


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