How Does Quickcode Stay Up to Date With Continuous Harmonized Tariff Schedule Updates?

How Does Quickcode Stay Up to Date With Continuous Schedule Updates and Modifications?
Curious how Quickcode keeps up with the ever-changing Harmonized Tariff Schedule updates and modifications? We've got you covered! We ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date Schedule for your classification needs. Our expert, Joe, will explain just how we do this.

By watching the Continuous Schedule Updates and Modifications video, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how Quickcode keeps you on top of the game with the most recent Harmonized Tariff Schedule updates, while also providing the flexibility to review past classifications when needed. 

Stay in the know and never miss an update – see how we do it by watching the video below

Video Transcript — Continuous Schedule Updates and Modifications

First question Joe, is, “How does Quickcode stay up to date with continuous schedule updates and modifications?” Oh yeah, that’s a great question. 

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule updates are published on the HTSUS website. We have a bot that goes out there and scrapes that site every single day, looking for schedule updates. When one is published, we automatically ingest it into our system, parse it, train our AI on it and put it up for the user to use. So, when you do classification on Quickcode, you are always using the most recent schedule. And we archive all those past schedules, because if you did a classification a year ago, using last year’s schedule and you want to go back and look at it, you want to look at it in the context of last year’s schedule, so we do that too. Hopefully that answers the question.


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